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About the Palmer Recovery Center….

The mission of the Palmer Recovery Center is to provide a safe, sober, and supportive space for individuals in all stages of recovery.

If you are in need of treatment you can schedule a drug and alcohol assessment by calling (610) 829-HELP (4357) and Northampton County Drug and Alcohol Division will coordinate your appointment.

Though we are not a treatment facility, we are able to refer and place individuals in treatment, as well as connect visitors with resources such as recovery supports, housing, employment, and other life-sustaining needs.

This center is run and supported by individuals in recovery, and because of that we are able to use our lived experiences to encourage and support visitors in their goals of leading meaningful lives. Integration into the recovery community is vital for supporting long-term recovery. With the right supports, people can and do recover from the disease of addiction and thrive in their new lives.

What We Offer

The Palmer Recovery Center is home to recovery-based support meetings and sober recreational activities. We have a variety of resources such as computers, printers, internet access, telephones, and recovery-based library called Victor’s Corner. We also have Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) to assist in guiding you through recovery as well as Case Managers who can assist with finding local resources.

Examples of meetings and events that are hosted at the center:
– 12-Step Support Groups (AA/NA/Al-Anon/SLAA)
– Recovery Dharma
– SMART Recovery
– Recovery Journaling
– Job Fairs, Resume Assistance, Interview Clothing
– Guest Speakers
– Social Events (Karaoke, Movie Nights, Parties, Cookouts)
– Psycho-education groups, trainings, and courses

We are interested in meeting the needs of the recovery community and always remain open to suggestions and feedback.

Please check out our monthly meeting calendar !
To inquire about starting a new meeting or hosting an event, please email PalmerRecoveryCenter@gmail.com or call (610) 438-0853.

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