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We know starting this journey is a big step and we’d like to help you figure out a plan of action for your individual needs. Please give us a call or email us to schedule a Drug and Alcohol assessment done right here at our center. This step can help you access inpatient or out-patient facilities, detox, and get you the funding you need. No money or insurance? No problem, we’ll help you get funded so you can focus on your main priority, getting the care you need.

Click the link “contact us” for directions, business hours and other contact information. You can also fill out the message forum for a direct email to us.

Treatment Options

“One size does not fit all.” – unknown.

To think that there is only one path for a successful recovery is unrealistic. There are many individuals in recovery using all different paths which all lead to the same destination… a life no longer ruled by the use of drugs or alcohol.

Contact us and lets talk about some different treatment options available for your individual needs!

Some common options include but are not limited to…

Inpatient Detox, Long-term or Short-term Inpatient Treatment, Out-Patient Treatment, 12-Step Meetings such as NA/AA, other meetings such as SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma, etc.

Medicated Assisted Therapy or M.A.T: such as Suboxone, Methadone, Naloxone, Vivitrol, and more.

Our experienced staff will help you navigate the treatment options that work best for you. Click the contact us button above and get started today!

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